The sound of power.

People with severe to profound hearing loss depend on their hearing aids completely. Without exceptionally powerful devices, they are cut off acoustically from family, friends and colleagues. So it makes sense to offer as broad a selection as possible, with smaller hearing aids that suit individual lifestyles and tastes without compromising on the power of better hearing.

Our new Power Range offers a world of choice.

Signia’s power hearing aids can be worn behind the ear in the form of the latest compact Motion models as well as even more discreetly in the form of the new Carat and the revolutionary Cellion hearing aids, depending on your degree of hearing loss. Their state-of-the-art technology delivers long runtimes and the best speech comprehension in noisy environments such as gatherings and parties – one of the main challenges to maintaining an active social life when hearing is hard.

Full power, no hassle.

In addition to a range of accessories for audio streaming and remote control, the myHearing App supports the fitting and trial phase with our hearing aids like never before. Now it’s your turn to make a powerful choice!

The Power Range advantages at a glance:

  • Smaller than ever for complete discretion in treating severe to the most profound hearing loss
  • Superb speech intelligibility
  • Long-lasting battery power, including rechargeable options
  • Wireless connectivity for audio streaming and remote control via handy accessories
  • myHearing App ready: The myHearing App provides you with all the support tools you need for a quick, successful trial.