Premium comfort for hearing aids with new accessories

Signia hearing aid wearers can better enjoy watching TV with the new TV Transmitter and discreetly control their hearing aids with the new miniPocket remote control.   An accessory is something that no one necessarily needs. But the right accessory often makes life considerably easier. This is especially true of the new accessories for Signia hearing aids.

New: The TV transmitter

Watching TV is one of the very special challenges for many hearing impaired people, but at the same time it is an essential part of life. The new TV Transmitter from Signia masters this challenge. As a successor of the previous transmitter, in addition to stereo and RCA (cinch), it now also has an optical input so it can be connected to any modern TV or stereo system. In addition, its operation has now been completely revised again and is even more user-friendly. The result: the TV Transmitter sends the sound to the hearing aids via the proven easyTek accessories (see below) – easy to understand and at the desired volume. This makes watching TV and listening to music a pleasure.

New: The miniPocket remote control

Most adjustments to hearing situations are automatically made by Signia hearing aids. Now and again the hearing aid wearers, however, want to individually adjust the volume or change a hearing program. The new miniPocket remote control helps here. It looks like a key chain and can also be discreetly worn as such. Because all buttons are designed in an intuitive manner and can be felt, the miniPocket can often remain in your pocket. The corresponding button can be pressed without looking at it. It can’t get any more discreet than that.

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