Get to Know Signia ― Watch Our New Brand Video

We proudly present our new Signia hearing aids! You’ll notice they bear two brand names: Siemens on one side and Signia on the other. Why is that?

In early 2015, Sivantos separated from Siemens, and as a result we became a smaller but more dynamic enterprise. In the first year since the transition, Sivantos has experienced its most successful year ever. In early 2016, the company introduced its new premium hearing aid brand – Signia. In order to give you and our hearing care professionals sufficient time to get used to our new brand name we are employing a dual-branding strategy for the next few years.

Signia combines our tradition of audiological accomplishments with a readiness to meet future challenges. However, our mission remains unchanged: to invent the future of better hearing.

You will discover Signia is forward-thinking, customer-centered, and quality-driven. What do we mean by this?

  • Forward-thinking. We want to constantly improve ourselves and challenge what is (for now) technically impossible. With passion and courage, we want to develop a vision for better hearing.
  • Customer-centered. We focus on the hard of hearing, because the true value of an innovation is always measured by its benefit to others. Satisfied customers are our most important driving force.
  • Quality-driven. We aim to be reliable and continuously set new quality standards. We want to be measured by these standards.

We hope you will let us know if you ever have a different experience with our products or service. Thank you!

By clicking on the link you can watch our latest Signia brand movie and get to know us a little better.